blog |bläg| noun ORIGIN 1990s.

Shortening of weblogfrom web in the sense 'World Wide Web' and log in the sense 'regular record of incidents.'


We're Hiring: Front-End Developer

Do you have skills in mySQL, jQuery, HMTL, CSS & PHP? If you answered yes to all of these and you are looking for a job at a small, fast-moving interactive company in Sioux Falls, we would like to talk with you.

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How the Latest Google Algorithm Changes Mobile Business

In direct response to the growing consumer demand for mobile performance, last month Google announced a change to their algorithm placing more emphasis on mobile-friendly websites. The algorithm will now include more ranking factors based on whether or not a website is optimized for mobile devices.

Web Analytics and the Octopus

The way things happen on the World Wide Web often seem sporadic and unpredictable. Many businesses feel like they have no way of knowing whether or not people are actually looking at their site. “We can't control whether or not people visit our website,” they say. They shrug their shoulders. It's random, they think.


Celebrating the ADDY Awards

The 44i team enjoyed attending the South Dakota Advertising Federation's ADDY Award ceremony last Friday evening. We snapped a pic with a selfie stick. We feasted on tasty appetizers. We used the designated event hashtag (#SDAFselfie).