blog |bläg| noun ORIGIN 1990s.

Shortening of weblogfrom web in the sense 'World Wide Web' and log in the sense 'regular record of incidents.'


Online Banner Re-Targeting

The ability to deliver the right ad to the right customer at the right time is what makes search marketing so powerful. Since we know a user was on a website, we can establish they had an interest in the content, product or service offered on that website.

Tweet Twiddledeet


Is Vine Right for Your Business?

Digitally inclined businesses tend to hop on any social media trend they can find. That can be awesome - but it can also cost you time and money on a platform that doesn't help you achieve your goals. Vine, Twitter's video product, is one of those tricky platforms.


We're Hiring: Front-End Developer

Do you have skills in mySQL, jQuery, HMTL, CSS & PHP? If you answered yes to all of these and you are looking for a job at a small, fast-moving interactive company in Sioux Falls, we would like to talk with you.