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Motley Few: Jan. 26, 2015

Here are a few of the best things we found on the information superhighway last week, featuring tangible paper infographics, rolls of film shot during WWII, and portraits made from emoji.

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We're Hiring: PHP Developer

Do you have skills in PHP, MySQL, jQuery, HMTL & CSS? If PHP piques your interest and CSS kind of makes your heart race (in a good way) then we have a job opening just for you. We’re a small, fast-moving team tackling interactive projects with the latest and greatest technologies – including process automation. We like to work smarter, not harder.


Local Gifts That Give

Team 44i has created a list of some opportunities to #giveback. It can be hard to stay focused on the true spirit of the holiday season amidst the hustle and bustle of all the things there are to give and get. Our list of Gifts that Give can help you embrace the spirit of giving and spread cheer throughout our local community.


How to Avoid Writing Like a Zombie

The Internet is full of zombies. That’s what I think whenever I see an article about viral posts. In the days before the Internet, a virus was something to be contained. But nowadays, “going viral” is something companies, groups and individuals strive for. When did viruses become so sought after?