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3 Ways Retargeting Ads Can Improve Your Digital Marketing Efforts

July 17, 2018

Retargeting ads (also called remarketing ads) are a form of online advertising that can help keep your brand in front of potential customers who have visited your website but haven’t converted yet.

Retargeting ads are possible on a variety of different ad platforms including Google and Facebook, and help increase marketing efficiencies and effectiveness. In fact, the average click-through rate for retargeted ads is up to 10 times higher than standard ads.

Almost 50% of search engine marketing professionals believe retargeting is the most underused online marketing technology. So how can retargeting help improve your organization’s digital marketing efforts?

1. Generate More Sales

Have you heard the phrase practice makes perfect? That’s one of the most important benefits of retargeting ads. The more you’re able to get your message in front of an audience, the more likely it is to lead to a conversion. 

By showing this audience the same or (better yet) new message from your organization, you’re more likely to progress them down the sales funnel.

2. Improve Cost Effectiveness

With retargeting you are able to reach people who have already been to your website at least once, and are that much closer to purchasing from you. 

Since this audience has already shown a willingness to engage with your brand, you’re reducing costs and increasing efficiency by engaging more targeted prospects. Retargeted customers are three times more likely to click on your ad than people who haven’t interacted with your organization before.

3. Gain Insights

After a visitor leaves your site, you will be able to understand where the highest percentages of your retargeting conversions are being captured. There is a massive opportunity to gain more valuable information on how and where visitors are clicking your retargeted ads. 

Need help with your retargeting strategy? Contact today for a digital review to see how you can boost your overall online presence and increase sales.

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