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3 Ways To Market Your Business During The Holiday Season


November 29, 2018

As many businesses are getting ready for the holiday season, many are asking: how can we best generate awareness of our products or services? Whether selling consumer products, promoting holiday special, or providing season services, there are certain tactics you can use to make sure you have the right social strategies this winter.

3 Ways To Market Your Business During The Holiday Season

1. Customer Service
Using innovative customer service in your holiday marketing is one of the best things you can do to bolster your image in the marketplace. JC Penney uses its Facebook page as much for customer service as for marketing during this time. When customers post complaints or praise to their page, the retailer jumps in to address them, offering personal assistance and thanking customers for posting their love for the brand. During high stress times for most businesses, such as the holiday season, using customer service effectively can bring brand awareness and loyalty to your company.


2. Strategic Content
Creating great content for your brand during the holiday season increases the likelihood that your followers will interact with your business and buy products or services you’re selling. Having engaging holiday-themed content and posts about common customer questions like holiday hours will have a big impact on how customers view your company. Using it to your advantage will help reap financial benefits


3. Promotions
Sales promotions such as discounted items or free shipping offer a great opportunity to engage customers online. These enticing deals will speak to customers who are looking to save money during the holiday season and are more likely to be shared by followers. Offering free or discounted items to your customers will also help bring them in after the holidays, as people who enjoy your products will likely return to your business.


Wrapping Things Up
The busy holiday season is the best time to gain more qualified leads, attain more revenue, and grow your online following. By using innovative customer service, strategic content, and smart sales promotions, your company will avoid coal in its stockings this holiday season


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