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4 Ways to Make Sure Your Website is Relevant to Your Customers

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June 1, 2019

A website is a powerful tool that lets customers know about your expertise and gets the word out about your business. However, the internet is a competitive place so it’s important to make sure your website is  always relevant and engages your customers.

Here are four ways to make sure your website stays relevant to customers in today’s ever-changing digital world.

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1. Make sure your website is mobile friendly

With 94% of smartphone users searching for business information on their phones, having a site that is mobile first is a must! Sites that do not provide a good mobile experience and are difficult to use will hurt your business. This often results in potential customers leaving your site and you losing a revenue.

2. Allow site visitors easy access to your content

If your business writes blogs or other articles that you want people to read, make sure your site visitors can easily find them! A blog or news section is a great way for potential customers to learn more about what you can offer them and showcases your unique expertise.

You’ve worked hard to create this content that further establishes you as an expert, so make sure people can easily find all the content you’re creating. Having an organized website with clear calls to actions and easy navigation to items like blogs will make for a better user experience for your site visitors. 

3. Make it easy for your site visitors to contact you

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Make sure your website clearly displays AND links to all the ways you want your customers to contact you. Depending on your specific business this might include:

  • Phone number
  • Office or store address with directions
  • Email address
  • Links to all social media accounts
  • Contact form

By making it easy for customers to get in contact with you, you’ll increase the number of leads you receive.

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4. Make sure your site is visually engaging

Did you know that 94% of a website user’s first impressions are design related? The way your website looks and presents content plays an important role in how your site visitors respond to it.

Sites that look out of date, disorganized, or contain too much text, aren’t going to be engaging to visitors. Make sure your website is up to date with design elements and images that are relevant to your business and interesting to your site visitors. This will help keep them engaged and you’ll have a better chance of converting visitors to customers.

If your business has a website more than 3 years old and is in need of a refresh, contact 44i today! Our knowledgeable team will design an engaging website to help your business get your message out to current and potential customers!

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