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Anatomy of a Google Search

October 17, 2016

We all know the importance of having your brand on Google, but do you actually know what information users will see when they search for it?

On average, Google processes over 40,000 search queries every second, which adds up to more than 3.5 billion searches per day (Internetlivestats). Knowing the anatomy of a search engine result page (SERP) will help you provide the most relevant information in the most Google-friendly way.

There are multiple types of results on Google, including pages from a brand, local information, products, or image search, and each type will pull different results. When a user types in the Google search engine, the Googlebot determines which category will be most relevant to the user.

We broke down the different sections of each search results page to show their functions.

Brand search

1. Knowledge Graph Box

Often times when doing a search, you won’t have to look any further than the knowledge graph. This box contains important information pulled from Google My Business and other major databases. It shows details including location, contact information, business hours, customer reviews and social profiles. Google improves the knowledge graph box site rankings and content based on the information that’s most useful to users, so it’s important to keep your Google My Business and Google+ information up to date.

2. Images

The image section pulls images related to the brand. These can come from a website, social media or any other brand listing crawled by Google. Businesses can improve their image search engine optimization by including good alt tags and image descriptions throughout their site.

3. Website Site Links

These are pulled from your website content based on your site map and frequently visited pages. The site links can also depend on site traffic and which site links are posted to social media. 

4. Social Media Profiles

This section is a link to the brand’s most used social media platform.

5. Organic Search

Organic searches are the main listings that match the search query.

6. People Also Search For

This section features websites that have been clicked on in similar searches. These could be your competitors or others in your same industry.

Category Search

1. Paid Advertisements

Up to four paid ads appear at the top of a Google search. These are ads paid for by a business through Google Adwords and are placed based on relevancy, performance and bid amounts, quality score and other factors.

2. The Local Pack

This section shows the top three listings that are related to the search. It shows local results such as reviews, ratings, addresses, contact information and a map pinned with their locations. By clicking “more places” the user will get seven results.

Product Search

1. Shop for Keurig Coffee Maker on Google

When Google recognizes that someone is searching for a product, it will automatically pull ads from merchants selling those products. Merchants can show prices and product details without the user clicking into their site. Similar to Google Adwords and brand searches, Google Shopping campaigns allow you to put your product image, price and business name at the top of a Google search. 

2. Paid Advertising

Similar to category paid ads, businesses can also advertise their products in this spot through Google Adwords.

3. Organic Searches

Organic searches are pulled from various websites that have Keurigs listed or articles related to Keurig coffee makers.

4. People Also Ask

These are related answers and questions that other people have asked about the product.

Question Search

Direct Answers

Sometimes when a Google user types a specific question into Google, they won’t have to dig for the answer because it will generate at the top of the results.

Image Search

Image searches are pulled directly from the query. To have your image displayed in this search, you should have strong alt tags, or image descriptions, and high-resolution photos.

Google search engine results can be complicated. There are a variety of advertising possibilities to understand and implement for your business. If you have questions about how Google advertising could benefit your business, or you’re ready to jump-in to Google advertising with a Google Partner Agency, we’d be glad to help! Contact Team 44i by calling 605-334-4464 or clicking here.

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