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Facebook’s Preferred Page Audience Setting

January 3, 2017

Facebook’s algorithm has made it easier for businesses to target their messages or products to a very specific group. From gender, to age, to location, your business can pinpoint exactly who will see your page and ads. On top of specific targeting for your ads, there is one easy setting you can change to drive more even more people you desire to target to your page.

Preferred Audience Optimization is similar to other targeting methods, in that you can choose age, gender and location, but it also allows you to add interest tags to help Facebook further connect your content to people with those exact interests. Facebook technology is geared to show you ads that you would be interested in seeing, which is a “win-win” for consumers and advertisers alike. When you tell Facebook the people who might be interested in your page, based on targeting specifics, it helps them deliver your content to the right audience. That same audience benefits from seeing ads that are relevant to their interests and likes.

You can now target a group of moms looking for pink coffee mugs who live in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. You might own a coffee shop in Sioux Falls, but unless you are always posting content about coffee mugs, Facebook won’t know who it should target. This setting won’t only show posts to these people, it will just make it more likely they won’t miss your post.

How to set up preferred page audiences:

Settings>Preferred Page Audience>Set Preferred Page Audience

Fill out the following selections:

Location targeting is critical to a business with a physical location. If you know where most of your customers come from, you can target those cities and towns. It’s best to only target those people who are in traveling range of your business for maximum ROAS.

Similarly, age and gender can be narrowed down to the exact people who usually buy your products or services, which also helps to expand your reach and attract new customers.

Interest targeting allows you to reach customers and prospective customers by tagging their hobbies and passions. These interests are critical, especially when they directly correlate to your product or service, as those people will have a greater propensity to follow your page and do business with you.

You will notice Facebook says, “Edit your preferred page audience to reflect who you’d most like to connect with. Anyone can find your page, but we’ll do our best to put it ads in front of the people who matter to you most.” This means that Facebook won’t exclude people who don’t fit these exact interests; they’ll just make it more likely for those people to see your post.

Specifying who might be interested in your page can help improve the odds of your content reaching the right audience. Anyone can find your page, but through targeting Facebook puts your ads it in front of the right people. Businesses can benefit by investing time in interest tagging. 44 Interactive is here to answer any questions you may have about Social Media Marketing, and can help you set up your business Facebook page, and start targeting the correct audience.

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