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How Household IP Targeting Benefits Businesses

May 10, 2019

Household IP Targeting is quickly growing in popularity, but what is it? It's online advertising that specifically targets households based on their Internet Protocol (IP) address, which is the group of numbers assigned to a specific internet connection. With Household IP Targeting, you can match a customer contact list to their household devices and show display or video ads only to that select group of people.

The process can extend a business’s reach deeper than it ever could with other mediums like direct mail. Here are 3 reasons you  should consider Household IP Targeting for your business.

1. It’s cost efficient
Traditionally, in order to reach specific homes you’d incur significant printing and mailing costs that can eat up a budget quickly. Businesses can save money they’d spend on these costly tactics by going digital with Household IP Targeting.

Businesses accomplish the same goal of reaching users in the specific household, but do so in a much more engaging (and cost effective) way with multiple exposures to banner/display ads.

2. The ads won’t get blocked
When using Household IP Targeting, a business’s ads won’t get blocked. IP addresses can’t be blocked or deleted, guaranteeing your ad will be seen whenever the target audience is using a website that shows banner/display ads.

With Household IP Targeting, anyone online with the individual IP address will see the ad.

3. You only need basic information to reach an audience
A lot of businesses are intimidated by Household IP targeting, thinking they don’t have the necessary customer information to reach them with digital ads. Household IP targeting actually only requires a few basic pieces of information in order to serve them relevant ads.

Who Can Be  Reached With Household IP Targeting?

  • Most data lists that a  business has.
  • All you need is First Name, Last Name, and Full Address or Business Name and Full Address.
  • Any data list that can be purchased from a direct mail vendor.
  • University buildings and dorms.

In a world that continues to turn to the Internet for goods and services, businesses need to keep up. Contact 44i today to get your business started with Household IP Targeting.

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