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Less Is More

November 1, 2016

The term "minimalism" stemmed from the 1960s and is often associated with art, music and lifestyles. It’s built on the process of breaking down the situation, and only showing the essentials to create a clear, straightforward idea. Minimalism can also be associated with your brand, and according to the Siegel+Gale Global Brand Simplicity Index, “63% of consumers are willing to pay more for a simpler experience.”  

Excess information creates confusion, and if the consumer has too many options and words to read, they will become overwhelmed by your message. If your company ends up with two different names or sub names, five different shades for your blue logo and two headers on an online ad, it’s time to simplify your brand.

When the Sioux Empire Safety Village first came to JamesDugan with the need of an impactful campaign focused on impaired teen driving, and highlighting their ‘Simulated Reality Driving Program’, we knew we would need to master the art of simplicity. People typically ignore the ads they don’t want to see, so targeting teenagers with an impaired driving messsage needed to get right to the point.

During the research and concept phase of this initiative, we began liking the idea of playing off a “worst decision” idea, and were thrilled when we discovered that the URL, was available. We were then able to use that URL for a landing page to hold the campaign’s pertinent information and video. Along with targeted social media ads and online banner ads, we decided to place billboards around Sioux Falls to create awareness and drive traffic to the landing page. We know that people typically only have 5-10 seconds to read a billboard, and the wording must be simple and large. For the campaign, we let the image do the talking, and included a strong call to action in a clean and uncluttered fashion, as seen here.

Simplifying your brand will help you keep a consistent strategy, and will keep your message simple, practical and timeless. JamesDugan is here to help brands create an overall branding strategy that are compelling, and will keep your customers engaged from the beginning to end.

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