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Analyzing Online Data

April 26, 2017

Communication is multi-faceted, and an instrumental part of our day-to-day lives, especially in business. As we all know, communication can be challenging, especially when you quickly assess the components of the online communication process, which include a sender, encoding of a message, selecting of a channel of communication, receipt of the message by the receiver, and decoding of the message.

The most important part of communication in business is listening; the art of hearing and understanding the needs and wants of your customers.

Online marketing works much the same way, with endless amounts of data that can be analyzed and reviewed instantly or over time, providing marketers with deep insights into information they need to make intelligent marketing decisions. Marketers of every size should embrace technologies available to them to harness this information. This can be as simple as leveraging Google Analytics for information about your website traffic & visitors, tapping into larger solutions like user engagement heat mapping, or 3rd party data providers who can provide look-alike audience segments built from gathered "cookie" information related to your ideal customer profiles.

Harnessing data has always been a strategy marketers have used to make smart advertising decisions. Whether that was an audit focus group, phone surveys, or paper questionnaires, asking smart questions and listening has always provided us the opportunity to react accordingly and in turn make smarter advertising decisions.

With the advancements of technology that is now accessible, much of this information is readily available at our fingertips and should be maximized.

Google Analytics will tell you how many people came to your website over a period of time, or in real time. It will let you know where those people reside, how they got to your site, their demographic data, if they are were on a mobile phone, and if so what type. It will tell you what pages they visited, how long they were on a page, the total number of pages and a whole lot more. Data analysis should be viewed as data listening. If you have a large group of people accessing your site from a mobile phone, and your site is not mobile friendly chances are you're missing the mark and should incorporate a mobile friendly website design to maximize the user experience for those visitors, which in turn will lead to happier customers and increased engagement and sales.

If you have a lot of website visitors dropping off after getting to a certain page, there's a good chance you aren't providing them the information they need by that point. Once identified, you'll be able to restructure the content or call to action on that particular page in an effort to generate the results you want.

This is a very simple example, and many more ‘listening’ examples related to online marketing exist especially when you include social media marketing, Google pay per click advertising, banner advertising and email. If you're not listening to your data, you're not maximizing your relationship with your customers. As a result you're missing opportunities to create additional touch points, and deeper relationships and sales.

Start listening, start analyzing and take advantage of the information available to you so you can make informed decisions related to your online marketing, and as a result reap the benefits and rewards. And if you require assistance with analyzing your online marketing data, please seek out a professional digital marketing agency to assist you.

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