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Promotional Product Advertising

January 3, 2017

A marketing strategy usually consists of budgets and an execution plan to land new clients, create brand awareness and boost sales revenue. The techniques used usually fall into the categories of traditional advertising, such as radio commercials and billboards, or online advertising, such as website banner ads. If you’re looking for a way to keep your brand relevant for months to come, read these four reasons why promotional products like pens and notepads will benefit your business:

1. Brand Recognition

Successful brand recognition occurs when a potential or current customer recognizes a logo, color, or tagline and associates it with a specific company. Oftentimes, a promotional product is a constant reminder, and will stand out in a consumer’s mind more than an ad. 

Research from Promotional Products Association Industry (PPAI) discovered that 83% of consumers could recall the advertiser on a promotional product. Promotional products can leave a positive influence on a consumer, which could potentially turn into a sale in the future.

2. Cost Efficient

In 2015, South Dakota businesses spent $66 million in promotional product sales, according to ASI Central. When planning and budgeting for your next marketing strategy, be sure to leave room for promotional items. Unlike other marketing techniques, consumers can use promotional items all day, which decreases your cost per impression. PPAI found that about 85% of people do business with an advertiser as the result of receiving an item.

3. Multipurpose Advertising

In a sense, advertising products can serve as free advertising. When someone wears a T-shirt with your logo, it becomes a walking billboard. Customized products are also a great gift for your employees, and they will serve as brand ambassadors. Promotional products often start relationships between businesses and clients. 

4. Lasting Impressions

Promotional products are tangible and useful to the consumer, therefore beneficial to the advertiser. ASI Central said that South Dakota consumers are more than three times more likely to have a positive opinion of promotional products compared to online advertising.

Your brand can stay more relevant in consumer’s minds with the use of promotional items. JamesDugan can connect you to a product distributor to get customized gifts and items to start your promotional advertising!

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