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What Colors Best Represent Your Company

November 11, 2016

Your business logo is one of the key elements that builds brand recognition. Along with the design itself and any slogan, a business should carefully consider what color fits their personality and position best.

Subconsciously or not, color conveys meaning to the mind, and it will make people develop thoughts and feelings about your brand. According to research by the web design and marketing company WebPageFX, “nearly 85% of consumers name color as the primary reason that they purchase a particular product, and 80% think color increases brand recognition.”

By understanding the psychological impact of each color, your brand can better convey its message. What kind of message do you want to send?

Blue is frequently used in corporate businesses because it suggests security, honesty and dependability. It’s also used as a relaxation tool, and can help comfort the viewer. Social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Skype all use a blue logo, which invokes a sense of trustworthiness and professionalism to users. Researchers have found that blue can suppress appetites, so restaurants may want to reconsider before adding blue to their logo.

Green logos can be found among natural, fresh brands. This color implies wealth and growth, and is commonly found in earthy brands such as Whole Foods, Animal Planet and Starbucks.

Red is a very bold color for logos, and is used to show passion, energy and excitement. Red stimulates the appetite, so it’s often used in restaurant logos such as McDonalds and KFC.

Yellow reflects a cheerful, creative message. Yellow projects an optimistic, friendly feel for brands such as Ikea and Nikon.

Orange conveys a happy, youthful message. Many brands use orange in their call-to-action to represent a warm, sociable brand that people can trust. Orange logos are used by brands like Nickelodeon, Amazon and Harley-Davidson.

Black is used in a variety of situations, but business owners should consider other alternatives before choosing a black logo. Black can imply power and sophistication, but it is also associated with death and can be intimidating and unfriendly. Using black in a logo can be luxurious and elegant though, and is often used with prestigious brands such as Apple and Luis Viton.

When considering a color for your logo, think about what color would best represent the products or services that you offer, and how you want (and need) your audience to perceive you. You should also keep in mind what colors your competitors are using, and avoid those to help your brand stand out. Once your brand has a signifying color, this can be used throughout your signage, website and promotional items.


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