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Benjamin Moore Blue Paints

Benjamin Moore Paints

Digital Marketing & Strategy

The Details

Benjamin Moore contracted us for a very strategic online marketing initiative in Chicago and Manhattan on behalf of the JCLicht and Janovic brick and mortar chains in those markets.

They needed a digital marketing partner capable of handling not only paid search marketing, but heighten audience targeting in conjunction with their in-banner video ad campaign.

We were tasked with researching and setting up a GEO targeted Google adwords campaign in both markets, as well as running in-video banner ads through our programmatic advertising DSP platform targeting their desired female audience demographic only.

Most web networks and DSP's can run video ads, but few can combine targeted audience segments in conjunction with in-banner video ads.

Our ability to handle both elements of this strategy meant the client benefited from a shared strategy, campaign insights and ongoing optimizations. Our ability to manage both these campaigns in conjunction, provided greater insight and optimizations, as well as improved performance as a result for the client.



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