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Combined Pool & Spa website by 44 Interactive

Combined Pool & Spa

Web Design & Development

The Results

Learning Center

Learning Center

We developed a comprehensive learning center providing customers resourceful information on everything from FAQs, product videos, installation guides and articles related to all products Combined Pool & Spa offers.

Inspiration Gallery

Inspiration Gallery

With an endless catelog of products Combined Pool & Spa offers, we developed a idea book gallery tool that allows them to upload a unlimited number of photos for their customers to draw inspiration from for their next purchase.

Increased User Engagement

Increased User Engagement

After our redesign and layout revamp, Combined Pool & Spas has seen an increase of 1:15 time on site per user session and an increse of 1.25 pages viewed per session.

Combined Pool and Spa is the region's premier lifestyle retailer for all things family and fun. They offer everything from hot tub spas and in-ground pools, dart boards and pool tables to fire pits and high end patio furniture.

The Details

Combined Pool & Spa website by 44 Interactive

Team 44i set out to  provide Combined Pool and Spa with a responsive website and a professional design that matched their market dominance and the growth of their business throughout the region. Being  the #1 Caldera Hot Tub Dealer of the Year for the last five years in a row, consumers couldn't get a true grasp of Combined Pool and Spa's business based on how outdated their old site was from an aesthetic standpoint. 

Once we had a design that mirrored Combined Pool and Spa's maturing business, we set out to architecturally lay the new site out in such a way that provided users the best user experience possible, all the while showcasing the many different product lines Combine Pool and Spa carries. Through strategically chosen navigation, we were able to categorize each product offering into its own section, which minimizes user clicks so that they can easily find what they're looking for. 

We also developed a robust online learning center that focused on answering consumer questions, providing educational product videos, and housing blog articles. In this learning center, users can easily find frequently asked questions related to any product Combined Pool and Spa carries, as well as watch informational product videos ranging from installation and cleaning to general maintenance and accessory offerings.

Combined Pool and Spa now has a website that can position and represent their business accurately and provide consumers with useful product information. Like Combine Pool and Spa's product choices, the new website we developed for them has limitless possibilities. 

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Idea Book Gallery
  • Blog
  • E-Commerce
  • Products Module
  • Testimonials
  • Learning Center
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