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SDN Communications

SDN Communications

Web Design & Development

The Results

CRM Integration

By integrating click dimensions into their new website, SDN Communications is able to capture qualified lead generations and have that user profile information feed directly into their CRM, Microsoft Dynamics.

Direct Social Posting

As active as SDN Communications is on their blog, we integrated their social platforms within our CMS so sharing articles from their website socially became a seamless process.

Dynamic Content

With dynamic marketing campaigns and advertising initiatives, SDN Communications needed a equally dynamic website from a content standpoint that could adapt to meet their internal directives.

SDN Communications is a local business-to-business broadband provider that has been providing service in the region for 25 years. The company provides a network that touches more than 300 communities within South Dakota and in eight other states, as well as supplying equipment, phone systems, cabling, security, and customer support.

The Details

SDN Communications website screenshot

SDN came to us with the desire for a more user-friendly content management system that would provide additional functionality for their current website. Team 44i updated their content management system to include a file manager, page templates, video embedding, authorship, e-newsletter registration, and social media integration. We also created a job listings section with an application form that can be submitted directly through the website.

Several improvements were made specifically to the blog platform. We added a rich text editor, an image loader with appropriate features for SEO authorship, along with the ability to categorize and search through posts based on topic, product, or service. Blog posts can now also be shared directly to social media through the content management system, making online sharing a seamless process.

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Newsletter Sign Up
  • Social Sharing
  • News
  • Staff Module
  • CRM Integration
“The crew at 44i helped SDN Communications through the process of a complete redesign of our website. It’s a big task, but 44i was flexible when responding to our needs and consultative on best practices and site functionality. They were partners in the process and held our brand to the same high standards we’ve set as an internal marketing department. I’m thankful for the team-style approach they take when working on projects.”

Nikki Gronli | Marketing Specialist

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