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Howe, Inc.

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Local company Howe, Inc. Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Fire has been doing business in the Sioux Falls area for nearly 75 years. Continued growth and technological advances have evolved the company, so we worked with Howe to create new company branding to visually match its evolution. The new Howe logo creates a more professional perception to both residential and commercial audiences. The abstract flow within the letter "H" conveys innovation and comfort in the services of heating, cooling, plumbing and fire protection. The new logo connects people to the Howe brand by conveying comfort, trust, experience and longevity.

Next, team 44i built a new website to showcase the company’s updated look. 44i consolidated both Howe’s commercial and residential services into a single, streamlined site. The new site is now fully responsive, with a modern feel and functionality. We created a blog section for Howe to share news, updates, and information about their industry. The blog will allow homeowners to post questions and interact with Howe staff. The site also allows customers to easily pay their service bill online, after which they are taken to a customer survey that Howe will use to gather honest feedback.

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“ I enjoy working with the 44i crew to build and enhance our web and social media presence. They designed and rolled out a completely new website for us and continue help maintain our SEO and social media engagement. Since they have both the creative and development people in house, it makes executing new projects a breeze. Thanks team 44i!”

Justin Howe | President