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International Sign Association

“We want to thank the very patient and wonderful staff at 44i for guiding us through the sometimes challenging process of developing a new website for the sign, graphics and visual communications industry! Throughout the development of our site, we had a lot of specific needs, such as how to integrate with our complex data sources and APIs. 44i helped to guide us to solutions that would improve the user experience for our staff to add content more easily and effectively. And we are able to pass that improved experience on to our members who have raved about the improved content experience. We are happy to report that a third of surveyed members felt that our new site improved the way they think about the International Sign Association as a resource! We are so proud to have our new website as an influential resource for the sign, graphics and visual communications industry, and we can rest easy knowing that if we come across future challenges we have a great partner to continue to guide us. Thank you!”

Catherine Davis | Communications Director