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Business Blog Topic Ideas: November

November 9, 2015

Are you trying to decide what topics you should include in your November blog schedule? Feeling stuck? Maybe the following ideas can help:

1. Share five places to visit in your community to celebrate fall.

2. Ask team members to text/email you their favorite fall photos and feature them on the blog. 

3. Happy birthday! Happy anniversary! Feature team members on the blog if they have a birthday or work anniversary.

4. Fourth quarter isn't over yet! Share your goals for end-of-year business success.

5. Share a recent customer service testimonial. 

6. Ten reasons you are the industry leader. 

7. The office playlist for November. (You can create a playlist in Spotify and share it.)

8. Favorite product of the month! Feature your own product or a community favorite.

9. Share a story about why your mission statement is so important to your work.

10. Feature the Thanksgiving traditions of your team members (try to include a photo).

11. Favorite dessert: Ask team members to share their favorite recipes and a photo. 

12. List reasons to support local and small businesses, especially on Small Business Saturday.

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